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BDSM artwork

BDSM action has never been as hot as that. Each and every person starring in reality brutal porn has a pain barrier, which always stops him or her from performing something real crazy.

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July 03 2011
Posted by sultancash  [ 00:00 ]

Rage Story - The poor pet didn't do a thing!

Sometimes it looks innocent but conceals some dirty mystery. Just like this time! Watch the girlfriend play with their pet carelessly. It could have been sweet, if she hadn't had sex with her boyfriend's brother trying to leave the pet at his place while they were away! Memories rushed through the guy's brain, and rage mixed with extreme arousal. The punishment came in the shape of a rough fuck, something she knew she had deserved.

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April 03 2011
Posted by sultancash  [ 00:00 ]

Rage Story - It's all about the shirt

We know many girls like men's shirts and many even wear them. But sometimes this can bring trouble! Check out the hapless girl here letting her secret lover's shirt lie around in the place where she lives with his brother, her boyfriend! Of course he spotted it at some point and was in a rage like the devil himself. Check out the subsequent punishment sex scene. Blindfolded with the very same shirt to degrade her even more, the girl was nothing but a guilty toy in his hands. But she knew she had it coming! Stupid bitch took every thrust like absolution.

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Posted by sultancash  [ 00:00 ]

Rage Story - Remembering that dirty jog

When your girlfriend has done something this filthy, you remember it easily. Last time the guy was jogging with his gf, they bumped into his brother who tricked her into having sex with him. This time, when the dude sees her getting ready for another bit of running, it triggers the memories of that awful day. Watch as he reclaims his rights and has rough sex with the ashamed slut, fucking those memories out of her sexy body. No need to jog after such a nasty fuck, that's for sure!

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Posted by sultancash  [ 00:00 ]

Rage Story - Studying for the test, again and again

The guy knew his girlfriend wasn't the smartest of all students in the world. Imagine his surprise when he finally saw her with the books! Little did he know something dirty was on her mind again. As if nothing had happened before, she asked him to call his brother to help her with getting ready for this important test. Damn you, bitch, everybody knows he boned you last time you were studying together! The guy flies into an immediate rage and gives her a lesson, this time, in taking furious cock up all her sorry holes. She took every second as a deserved repercussion, this bitch.

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Posted by sultancash  [ 00:00 ]

Rage Story - No more parties for you, bitch

They did not have any specific plans for that night. And there she is, showing up happy and excited, saying there's a party. Apparently his brother gave her the flyers. Those fuckers still had something going on. He could not but help remembering this last time. A party ended with her and his brother having sex! This was too much for him to handle. She could not go to the party because he gave her a punishment fuck so hard she could barely walk. Ashamed, she took it all almost willingly. And she never complained  -  some great guilt manipulation here!

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July 03 2010
Posted by rbblog  [ 00:18 ]

Bondage Here

Susan has always been the type of babe who will try absolutely anything at least once but usually twice or more! There hasn’t been anything that she hasn’t loved so far and when her boyfriend suggested that they try a little bondage and rope play she jumped at the chance to get tied up and teased! Picking out the ropes Susan also threw a delicious pair of fishnet stockings in to the cart and a PVC bustier! By the time the two of them got back to their apartment from the experienced lingerie store they were already ready to play and couldn’t wait to get upstairs and start unwrapping their new toys!

Susan slipped in to her black fishnets and her PVC bustier and then she begged her boyfriend to start tying her up in their new ropes. He couldn’t help himself and he started to slip those ropes around her criss crossing them across her body. He even slipped them between her legs and watched as her delicious pink vagina lips peeked through her fishnets and the red and yellow ropes that crossed her body! As she felt the ropes getting tighter against her skin her snatch started to get wetter and wetter!

See more gorgeous honeys get tied up at Bondage Here!

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December 03 2009
Posted by rbblog  [ 15:09 ]

Sex Slave Bound And Fucked

Wow, check out this wild and kinky adventure from the Bizarre Adult Club. This one features a smoking marvelous lesbian mistress and her misbehaving lesbian sex slave. The dominatrix was tired of her slave acting up, so she decided it was time to school her a lesson. She brought her into the basement and proceeded to bind her down to a cold black slab.

The sex slave was no longer able to move and she was really getting nervous about her punishment. The dominatrix started out rough, whipping her slut into submission. Then she pulled her sex slaves thong out of the way so that she could finger the tender slit. The slave liked that, but she was nervous when her mistress put on a giant black sextoy. It looked like it could rip apart her tight pussy and leave her scared.

Come see just how kinky it gets at the Bizarre Mature Club.

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October 24 2009
Posted by rbblog  [ 21:11 ]

Kinky Bondage Dream

Check out these pictures from this kinky bondage fantasy. It was like a dream come true for this bikini wearing chick. She was relaxing at the beach with her friends when she decided to go for a walk. She ended up in this natural dungeon. The next thing she knew, she was bound up and unable to move. She didn’t know how it happened, and she found her scared and turned on at the same time.

After watching a bondage porn film, she’s had kinky bondage fantasies, but never thought that they would come true. But now they were and she couldn’t escape no matter how hard she tried. She needed something like a knife to cut the ropes, but the only thing within arms reach was a glass sex toy.

Curious? See more Bondage Here.

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September 09 2009
Posted by rbblog  [ 14:41 ]

Blonde Babe In Tight Bondage

Check out these kinky photos of a blonde bombshell in bondage. She’s done nude modeling before, but when she walked into this photography studio, she had no idea what she was getting herself into. She saw the ropes and the weird looking platform on the floor, but she didn’t know what they were for. It started out as a normal photo shoot with her posing in her lingerie, but it wasn’t long before it got very kinky.

She thought that he was joking when he said that he was going to start tying her up now. She had never done any bondage or anything like this before. She was nervous, but let the photographer start tying her up anyways. Soon, there were ropes tight around her. Then he tied her down to the platform. That’s when she really started to get scared, but at the same time, she was getting very turned on.

Come see more of the kinky action at Bondage Here.

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July 28 2009
Posted by rbblog  [ 15:40 ]

Blonde Hottie In Bondage

Check out today’s kinky pictures from Bondage Here. This one features a smoking pretty blonde bombshell. She doesn’t look like the kind of babe that would be into something kinky like bondage, but it’s not long before this photo shoot starts to get really wild. I like the way she looks in her skin tight latex minidress, and I love her black fishnet stockings. However, it doesn’t get really interesting until the ropes come out.

Her Master spends what seems like hours carefully wrapping the ropes tight around her. If he wanted, he could tied her up so that she couldn’t move at all, but he has something else planned today. He leaves just her arms free so that she can masturbate. She’s so fuck addicted that the only thing she cares about is getting herself off. She’s soon caressing her cookie through the stockings. She doesn’t stop until she gets herself off!

See more of the kinky action at Bondage Here. This is just a sample of how kinky it can get there.

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June 14 2009
Posted by rbblog  [ 20:27 ]

Innocent Babe In Red Bondage

She looks so sweet and innocent, but this blonde teen has a very kinky fetish. Not many peple get to see her secret fetish, but today she shares it with us. Check out these pictures and see her getting very naughty. How many chicks her age do you know that like to be tied and tied up? She’s the only that I’ve ever seen!

It all started because she had an older lover who was really into bondage. She’d spend hours all bound up getting her vagina penetrated and her mouth stuffed. But now, even though they’re broken up she continues her naughty fantasies. She likes to be bound up so that she can’t move anything besides her hands. She likes to have her hands free so that she can use a sextoy or sex toy to satisfy her sexual urges.

Satisfy your fetish at Bondage Here.

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April 30 2009
Posted by rbblog  [ 15:35 ]

Hot Blonde In Glamorous Bondage

Meet Jessica, a pretty blonde model. She thought that she was just coming in to the studio for a lingerie photo shoot. However, the photographer had something else in mind for her. Check out these pictures and see just how kinky it got. He told her that he would pay her extra if she posed naked. She needed the money so after some hesitation, she decided to agree to it. That’s when he told her that she could earn even more money if he could tie her up.

Jessica definitely isn’t one of those sweet and innocent hotties - she’s sucked and fucked more than her fair share of boners, but she’s never done anything kinky like bondage. She thought about it for a minute, then finally agreed to it. She needed the money, but secretly the idea of being tied up really turned her on. The photographer took his time wrapping the ropes around her, bounding her so that she could barely move. She was a little nervous because she was suddenly so powerless, but she was so turned on!

Come see more at Bondage Here!

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